A face covering is required for ALL individuals. No exceptions. No groups or uninvited guests. No small children. Reschedule if you are not feeling well.

Artist will cancel or reschedule your appointment if you:

*Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
*Bring drugs or alcohol into the studio.
*Not arriving at our agreed scheduled appointment time. Do not come overly early or late.
*Unsure about what you want tattooed.
*Design change on appointment day.
*Bringing uninvited guests.
*Failed to provide a deposit.
*Haggling over price.
*Did not communicate important information in advance.

Failure to follow studio rules will result in losing your appointment and deposit.

Thank you! Please respect our time and respect the studio.



• Eat and get plenty of rest before your tattoo. Snacks and drinks are allowed in the studio.

• Schedule for an early tattoo. Your body and mind will be fresh, energetic and able to handle pain better.

• It’s best to schedule a day off from work after getting a tattoo. Time to relax and heal properly is recommended.

• Drinking alcohol, taking medication/drugs and over hydration will cause you to bleed more than normal. Try to avoid these for at least 24 hours before your tattoo.

• Try not to apply lotion to the body part being tattooed for a few hours in advance.

• If the body part that is being tattooed has excessive hair you can shave it in advance.