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A face covering is optional. No groups or uninvited guests. No small children. Reschedule if you are not feeling well. Rescheduling will result in a loss of your deposit.

Artist will cancel or reschedule your appointment if you:

*Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
*Bring drugs or alcohol into the studio.
*Not arriving at our agreed scheduled appointment time. Do not come overly early or late.
*Unsure about what you want tattooed.
*Design change on appointment day.
*Bringing uninvited guests.
*Failed to provide a deposit.
*Haggling over price.
*Did not communicate important information in advance.

Failure to follow studio rules will result in losing your appointment and deposit.



• Eat and get plenty of rest before your tattoo. Snacks and drinks are allowed in the studio.

• Schedule for an early tattoo. Your body and mind will be fresh, energetic and able to handle pain better.

• It’s best to schedule a day off from work after getting a tattoo. Time to relax and heal properly is recommended.

• Drinking alcohol, taking medication/drugs and over hydration will cause you to bleed more than normal.

• Try not to apply lotion to the body part being tattooed for a few hours in advance.

• If the body part that is being tattooed has excessive hair you can shave it in advance.

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