• By appointment only. Please be on time.


DO NOT come into the studio under the influence of any drugs or in possession of any weapons. You will be asked to leave.

• Artist has the right to refuse service to anyone who looks unhealthy, tired, sleepy, has a rash/sunburn or is uncertain about getting a tattoo.

• All guests must be approved in advance. You are responsible for your guests. 1 guest per client. They must not create any distractions for the artist or the client. No drama or obnoxious behavior!

• Do not leave the studio once the tattoo process has begun. Breaks can be scheduled.



• Eat and get plenty of rest before your tattoo. Snacks and drinks are allowed in the studio. A small mini-fridge is available for use.

• Schedule for an early tattoo (noonish). Your body and mind will be fresh, energetic and able to handle pain better.

• It’s best to schedule a day off from work after getting a tattoo. Time to relax and heal properly is recommended.

• Drinking alcohol, taking medication/drugs and over hydration will cause you to bleed more than normal. Try to avoid these for at least 24 hours before your tattoo.

• Try not to apply lotion to the body part being tattooed for a few hours in advance.

• If the body part that is being tattooed has excessive hair you can shave it in advance.